School & Private Programs

Programs are offered via after school programs, in-school programs (where applicable), summer programs and in private program/group sessions.


  • Learn the basics of mindfulness

  • Learn the basics of meditation

  • Practice meditation

  • Prepare a tailored meditation

Visual & Performing Arts Programs

  • Painting, & drawing

  • Playwriting (from crafting to copywriting)

  • Book Writing (from idea creation to publishing)

  • Acting & Vocal Performing

  • Learn an instrument (Coming soon)

Positive Affirmations

  • Learn what positive affirmations are

  • Learn how our speech affect our thinking

  • Learn how our thinking affect our reality

  • Learn how to craft positive affirmations

  • Learn when to use positive affirmations

  • Create and practice positive affirmations

Celebrating Diversity & Inclusion

  • Understanding what diversity is

  • Learning about diverse groups

  • Identifying diversity stereotypes & the challenges they cause

  • Identifying benefits of diversity

  • Exploring how to leave a positive footprint to embrace diversity

After School/In School or Summer Program

Mindfulness & Meditation

Self Confidence & Positive Self Talk

Self Love & Self Mastery/Planning

Celebrating Diversity & Inclusion

Visual & Performing Arts Programs

Our program is privately run and extends to schools, organizations and groups.  We determine the goal of the organization to determine the program/s to offer.  The resources can be used in group settings or on an individual basis. 

Before/after school programs can be conducted in the school, once per week for a 1 hour period in groups of 10-20 students.  The groups for the program are either grammar school age, middle school age or highshool age youths. Younger ages will have a program tailored to their age.  The goals for the students are to have them gain:

  1. Gain more confidence

  2. Confidence in seemingly uncomfortable circumstances

  3. Become more self aware

  4. Regain self control

  5. Nurture self love/appreciation

  6. Work selflessly

  7. Set, work toward and achieve goals

  8. Think creatively

  9. Work toward self mastery

  10. Develop positive plans and direction for their lives

  11. Become empowered by, embrace and celebrate diversity

  12. Live in gratitude


Kindly note that travel is restricted to a 10 mile radius outside of Bergen County New Jersey.


Positive Affirmation Workshops

Mindfulness & Meditation Workshops

Various Empowerment Workshops 

Celebrating Diversity & Inclusion

Visual & Performing Arts Workshops

Workshops are offered in groups of 10 minimum to 30 maximum and tailored to the needs of the group.  Should the occasion be a party, retreat, celebration, teaching setting etc., the workshop will tailor to the needs of the group.  


Workshops are offered as 1 hour long sessions (and can be and offered in 2 hour blocks with 2 breaks in between for healthy snack).  Workshops are conducted at the site of the host.


Kindly note that travel is restricted to a 10 mile radius out of Bergen County New Jersey.

There are open workshops which are offered to the pubic.  These will be advertised on the website as they open up.

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