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What beauty means...

Dana Renee


We love celebrating our youth!

Do you have something to share?  It can be something as simple as why you love yourself, saying thank you to someone, telling us what you would like to do to help make the world a better place, tell us what you do in Visual or Performing Arts or what you think about a subject.  You may just be the one we feature fight away!


If you have done something that you would like the world to know about, let us know!


We will feature you on our social media channels, blog and/or website!  The world deserves to know what you are doing or what is on your mind!

Contact us on Instagram, or Facebook or email:  We will get you a release form that your parent or guardian will have to sign off on (if you are under the age of 18 - we will have to communicate with your parent/guardian directly to ensure their permission is granted).  Once we receive the signed release, send us either a picture of yourself along with a write up of what you would like the world to know OR you can send us a video recording of you (based on the content we mentioned above) and picture of yourself along with the correct spelling of your name.  Voila!  You will be featured.

February 2020 FEATURE




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