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To own their POWER!

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WHO IS The "I Am" Development ?

The "I AM" Development

"With enough like-minded women, young ladies and girls united, the world can be changed into a more positive place" - Coach Keiva.  


There is great power, strength and beauty in women, young ladies and girls.   As time progresses, that power, strength and beauty may be tested, forgotten or weakened.  Sometimes, women just need to remember who they are to rise once again.  Through empowerment products and services:  coaching (individual and group), courses, consulting, seminars/workshops, books, meditation, and affirmations, The "I AM" Development helps women and girls take a proactive approach to creating the life they choose for themselves and becoming the best version of themselves.  We incorporate the spirit, mind and body in our offerings.

Our focus is on PERSONAL development and empowerment Some areas include:

  1. Developing Self Love

  2. Uncovering Hidden Beliefs and Shadows

  3. Building Self Confidence

  4. Overcoming Self Doubt

  5. Discovering Your Life's Purpose

  6. Self Development/Being Your Authentic Self

  7. Setting Boundaries

  8. Self Motivation

  9. Stress Management

  10. Creating The Life You Desire

  11. Achieving Life Goals

  12. Cultivating Inner Peace

  13. Promoting Unity in Diversity

  14. Energy Work



Our focus on development and empowerment in a CORPORATE setting include:

  1. Building Self Confidence

  2. Effective Communication

  3. Self Motivation

  4. Stress Management

  5. Effective Goal Setting

Through group sessions (zoom offered), one-on-one sessions (zoom offered) or retreats


Our MISSION is to empower women and girls to recognize, step into and own their power as their best, authentic selves and achieve their goals.

Females gain the internal confidence needed to be your best selves.  

Female Power!


Book Purchase

I AM Beautiful and affirmation meditatio

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  • The "I AM" Development...the play (A stage play that shows the diversity in our youth, their struggles and how they can overcome them) based on the book "I AM" Beautiful and...

  • YouTube Channel - Positive programming for our youth.

Girls with Champagne


  • Be featured on our YouTube Channel.  Share your story of something you overcame or of someone who inspires you!  CONTACT US VIA EMAIL to set it up.

  • Say ONLY positive things for the whole day (when you succeed, post online #POSITIVEWORDS, #THEIAMDEVELOPMENT).

  • Do something good for someone without making them know that you did it.  Then, post online #IDOGOOD, #THEIAMDEVELOPMENT.

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