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  • Positive Programming

  • The Arts

Our Goals

Our youth is the greatest contribution to the future.  During the years of 8-13 and in the teenage years of 14-17, they struggle with issues that can last a significantly long time into adulthood if they do not know how to and practice resolving them.  Our goal is to provide them with positive outlets for growth through knowing and understanding themselves better and engaging in the Arts.

Through positive programming and the Arts, The "I AM" Development is committed to helping our youth gain the following while developing a mindful and positive outlook on life:

  • Inner and outer peace

  • Self confidence

  • Self love and positive self talk

  • Unity in diversity

  • Emotional and academic development


Parents, guardians, caregivers, teachers, leaders, society on a whole... our youth need more than just a roof over their heads, clothes and shelter to thrive.  They need to feel safe, loved, heard, understood, guided, supported and connected to their creativity to become the positive contributors to society we hope for when we look into the eyes of a child.  Adults have much on their plates, The "I AM" Development offers some solutions that a young lady or young man can do on their own, some that they can do with other people and some that you all can do together.



As seen on TV,  this is the book that will help shape the next generation and beyond. 


If you know of any young lady who has struggled with self esteem, self confidence, worthiness and deserving, you have found the right book to help her regain her POWER!

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Learn about the authors

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This mother/daughter duo is on a journey to empower young ladies.

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They are easy to start!

  • Be featured on our YouTube Channel.  Share your story of something you overcame or who inspires you!  CONTACT US VIA EMAIL to set it up.

  • Say ONLY positive things for the whole day (when you succeed, post online #POSITIVEWORDS, #THEIAMDEVELOPMENT).

  • Do something good for someone without making it know that you did it.  Then, post online #IDOGOOD, #THEIAMDEVELOPMENT.

Programs and Workshops

We offer the following:

  • Motivational Speaking.

  • Diversity & Inclusion.

  • Arts Workshops.

  • After School Programs.

  • Positive Affirmations Workshop.

  • Meditation Workshops.

Up & Coming

Exciting things are in store for you!

  • The "I AM" Development...the play (A stage play that shows the diversity in our youth, their struggles and how they can overcome them) based on the book "I AM" Beautiful and...

  • Women's History Month Empowerment Seminar at NJIT - March 2020.

  • YouTube Channel - Positive programming for our youth.

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Enter the coupon code "FREEBOOKGIFT" upon checkout to claim your free gift for purchasing the book "I AM" Beautiful and...

We welcome sponsors.  Sponsor our youth, a group or even a school so we can share these offerings at an affordable rate to them or gift it to them.

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Celebrate Diversity!

There is much to gain from embracing and celebrating each other. Our youth will lead in the future. Build their confidence and show them the strength in Diversity!